Bicycle Advocacy at Burning Man

Every year we transport an entire bicycle shop and hundreds of bicycles to the Burning Man arts festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. In 2015 we provided free bicycle repair to more than 1500 riders. For us this is a fantastic opportunity to interact with thousands of people who don't normally ride bicycles. Hundreds of people unfamiliar with cycling get their chains repaired, their flats fixed, their brakes checked, and (most importantly) their questions answered. (It's also fun to be a hero.)

The Burning Man festival is a zero-commerce event where gifting fuels the economy of a 70,000+ city that exists for just one week of the year. During the festival bicycles are the main form of transportation! However, getting 70,000 people to the middle of the no where requires a lot of cars. Our rental fleet (all financial transactions occur prior to the start of the festival) allows more carpooling and reduces the number of car miles needed to pull off this gigantic festival. It also cuts down on the number of last minute trips to Wal-Mart for a new bike that will inevitably end up abandoned in the desert after the festival.

Check out our Burning Man camp page at Hammer And Cyclery.

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