Our Carbon Footprint

Every year Re-Cycling used bicycles reduces Minnesota's carbon footprint by more than a million pounds of carbon dioxide, a major contributor to greenhouse gasses and climate change. Here's how we do it.

It takes energy to manufacture a new product and, as green as bicycles are, they are no exception. Producing the average new bicycle emits 350 pounds of carbon dioxide pollution through manufacturing and transportation. While we do add new parts to many of our bikes, the carbon footprint of a used bicycle is only a fraction of the output of a new bike (we still have to heat our shop and keep the lights on too).

The pollution associated with a used product has already happened. It hardly costs the earth a thing to keep a used product going (hint: it's even better than recycling). Buying a used bicycle reduces the need to manufacture a new bicycle. That's 350 pounds of CO2 saved! But our customers take it one step further. Every car mile replaced by a bicycle mile saves an additional pound of CO2 pollution. Our sales and our customers' efforts add up to more than 1 million pounds of carbon dioxide pollution NOT produced every year.

A big part of our mission is finding homes for bicycles. The longer we can keep bikes on the road the fewer new bicycles that need to get manufactured. Selling bikes at shops in Minneapolis is only part of that effort. We are able to fix up and sell perhaps as few as 1 in 10 used bicycles that we receive. To keep more bikes doing their part for the environment we ship thousands of bikes to Africa. We rent out hundreds of used bicycles at Burning Man. And we redirect many of our bikes to local non-profit education and advocacy organizations.

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