Currently seeking bicycle mechanics with shop experience. Must be able to work weekends and attend Burning Man at the end of August.

Submit resumes to Please indicate what you are seeking (full-time, part-time, unpaid internship, etc.) and your areas of interest.

Interns and Apprentices
There are a million things to do at a bike shop: repair bikes, help customers, marketing, research, organizing, accounting and record keeping, business planning and forecasting, budgeting, social media, ordering, inventory management, and all of the other things related to running any small business. While apprenticeships tend to be more focused, interns at Recovery Bike Shop can design a program to include as many or as few options as we have available.

If accepted, your experience will likely begin with a period of shadowing various staff members to give you an overview of the business and the many pieces involved in keeping the lights on and the doors open. It will also help you to understand the opportunities involved. From here we will work together to choose your area or areas of focus.

Both interns and apprentices are closely supervised by multiple individuals to insure that participants are receiving the experience they are seeking and to insure that our customer experience is always on-brand.

2504 Central Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN

M: 11am-7pm
T: 12pm-7pm
W: 11am-7pm
F: 11am-7pm
S: 11am-6pm
S: 11am-6pm