Real Transportation for Real People

A person with access to practical transportation is more able to determine their own destiny.

Transportation is one way we reach out and grab hold of opportunity. It is how we get to work. It's how we get groceries home to our table. It is how we visit our friends and family. Practical transportation helps us thrive.

Our world is crisscrossed with barriers and opportunities are not distributed equally. A river, a busy highway, or distance cuts off one community from another.

That's where Recovery Bike Shop comes in. Bicycles help shrink the world around us, delivering people to their world. Bicycles give us the access, the independence, the opportunity. Bicycles give us the freedom to determine our own destiny.

Transportation overcomes real barriers. It helps give us access to our community, to our world. Transportation amplifies our abilities. It empowers us. It gives us independence. It makes us more productive. Transportation is a big deal.

So often people use the word freedom to describe the experience of riding a bicycle. The open air. The sun. Turning will into human power. The ability to go where we please.

Recovery Bike Shop: Real transportation for real people.

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